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Q - What is a member login account?

A member login account is used to identify a member of the curling club in the web system. It consists of a username, a password and it holds the user's profile. The user profile, which is filled in (or updated) when the member registers, holds information about the member that is required by the curling club and the provincial curling association. A member uses the account to register for curling, get their game schedules, enter or examine game results, look at standings, and more. Members are assigned to teams and leagues in the web system by way of their member login accounts.

Q - How can I check to see if I have a member login account or find out what it is if I've forgotten it?

These are both essentially the same question. To recover your member login account (if it exists), click on Forgot Login at the bottom of the Member Login form. On the page that results, click on the button to the left of Lost Username. Enter your email address and click on the box beside I'm not a robot. It may ask you to identify some pictures. Please do so. (This may happen more than once.) Once completed, click on Send Username. If an account exists that is associated with the provided email address, then that username will be sent to the email address.

Q - I've forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

To get a new password for your existing member login account, once again click on Forgot Login at the bottom of the Member Login form. This time, click on the button to the left of Lost Password. Fill in your account name and the associated email address, click on the box beside I'm not a robot, and identify the pictures if/when requested. On completion, click on Send Password whereupon a new password will be sent to the email address. This password will be gibberish so you will likely want to change it once you use it to login.

Q - How do I change my password after I login?

Once you login, you should see Member Menu to the right of the screen. Click on the Update My Profile item in that menu. The page that results will show entry boxes for Current Password and Password part way down. Fill in the appropriate values and click on Update. Your password should now be set to the value given in the Password box.

Q - How do I get a member login account?

Before trying to create or request a member login account, please make sure that one for you does not already exist. An earlier question gives instructions on how to do that.

There are two possibilities for getting a member login account:

  1. If the Sign up option exists in the Member Login form, then click on it. A page will appear requesting information for your profile. This is needed by the curling club. Please fill in all of the information. Those items with a star beside the data entry box are required. When finished, click on the Sign Up button at the bottom of the form. When completed, you will be able to login with the username and password you requested in the form.
  2. If the Sign up option does not exist, or if you prefer, please contact the curling club to request an account. You will be asked, at a minimum, for your name and your email address. A message will be sent to the provided email address with your new member login account and its password once they are ready. You will be asked to enter remaining required information the first time you login.

Please note that the email address for each member login account must be unique. An email address can not be shared between two individuals, such as a husband and a wife. If this is a problem, please contact the curling club.

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