Survey Results: What We Heard

  • 65 respondents.
  • Most have been curling over 20 years.
  • 4/5 are very likely to continue curling at Ellerslie.
  • 9/10 would recommend Ellerslie to a friend. (Please do – the more curlers we have the cheaper your fees will be!)

People like Ellerslie because of the:

  • Location
  • Atmosphere
  • People
  • Level of competition
  • Ice conditions
  • Concession
  • Staff
  • Management
  • Well organized
  • League and bonspiel offerings
  • Seniors
  • Juniors
  • Ladies’ bonspiel
  • Communication
  • Facility
  • Parking
  • Bar

People would like to see:

  • A variety of different bonspiels (open, fun, family, skins etc.)
  • An open house
  • A multi-league discount
  • Open lounge to watch curling events
  • Expanded stick league
  • Practice time
  • Don’t hold playoffs and the same time as travelers
  • Full 8 end games if no draw after you
  • Cleaner ice
  • Clear rules
  • Communication to the whole team, not just skips
  • Better website
  • Better social media
  • No more bye weeks
  • Split Monday men’s
  • Sticky mats
  • More variety and healthier options in the concession
  • Music in the lounge
  • No smoking out lounge exit
  • Consistency in rocks and ice conditions
  • Change the deadline for registration
  • Updated chairs and tables
  • Less time off at Christmas
  • Regular Sunday mixed
  • Fill early draws
  • Parking lot sanding
  • More sponsors

What we heard

What we're doing about it

Better communication

We will improve the capacity to send notices to all team members this season.

Team members have to register on to receive emails.

Better website

New website has been launched with the ability to log in and see team contact information:

Have you registered on our website?

Better social media

We’re on Facebook (@ellersliecurling), Twitter (@curlellerslie) and Instagram (@curlellerslie).

Like us to see what’s happening!

Clear rules

House rules have been updated and are posted in the lobby every season.

No more bye weeks

We'd love to avoid bye weeks and try to find enough teams to fill up the draws.

Multi-league discount

This has been in effect for years, if you haven’t received yours please check with Dixie Blackmore.

A variety of different bonspiels

A 1-day stick spiel has been added this year. Schedule is full this year but will look at other bonspiels for next year.

Update lounge, comfier lounge

New table tops and chair upholstery were added this summer.

Less time off at Christmas

Only 2 weeks off for league curling this year.

Regular Sunday Mixed

We would love to offer this; however, scheduling conflicts prevent us from being able to do so.

Split Monday Men’s

League is not full this year making a split difficult.

Fill early draws

Scheduling will maximize early draw ice time.

Sand parking lot faster when icy

 A new company has been contracted to maintain our parking lot this year.

More sponsors

Please let us know if you know of anyone willing to sponsor. We rely on our members to spread the word

Music in the lounge

We have been looking into options. Signing up for a package with a service provider is an additional expense for the club. 

Sticky mats

They damage the carpet and are expensive. We have a boot cleaner at the from door and rely on members to make use of it when coming into the club with outdoor shoes.

More variety and healthy concession options

Feedback on the concession will be provided to the staff for consideration.

No smoking out lounge exit

Members who were doing this have been asked not to any longer.

Consistency in rocks and ice

Weather changes affect ice conditions. When the outdoor temperature and humidity change, it is next to impossible to prevent changes in the ice conditions.

Change the deadline for registration

Many clubs are moving up their registration deadlines. You are welcome to register after this but will not be guaranteed a spot.

Cleaner ice

Ice technicians have added additional measures into their routine to help ensure clean ice. Clean ice is dependent on members wearing proper equipment that is in good order. For example grippers start to break down after a while and normally have to be replaced every couple of year or more frequently if you are curling more than once a week)

Full 8 end games if no game scheduled after

When games run long it unfairly keeps your competition and the staff past their expected end times. When staff work additional hours, our operating costs go up, which causes fees to increase.

There are ways to speed up play to fit a full game into the scheduled time. Be ready in the hack when it is your turn to throw, pull your skip rocks out for them when it is their turn to throw, be decisive with your game strategy.

Expand stick league

This league has been expanded to 2 draws this year, and a 1-day stick spiel was added.

Practice time

Contact Dixie for ice availability. If there is an empty sheet available, it can often be used for practice if reserved through Dixie.

Open the lounge to watch curling events

Any time we are open for curling, our members are welcome to come enjoy our lounge (and concession). Invite your friends for a fun evening at the club!

An open house

The Board of Directors is considering having an open house for next season. The decision will be announced prior to the registration deadline.

Upcoming Events

No events